March 19, 2009


so, we pulled out the toxic carpet only to have the toxic underlay (which we didn't pull out because it was stapled in a million places) take its place as far as making my office unbearable and the air in the house sharp and unhealthy. i'm rather sick and tired of feeling extra sick and tired from chemicals and from the stress of dealing with absentee contractors.

with the weight of extra fatigue on my shoulders, i've been dragging myself through my days/daze here. hold on! i have the chronic holiday spirit; i can boost my energy easily. what was i thinking? all i need to kick my ass out of tiredsville and into action city is a little green bottle:

it's so simple! why do i forget that? i'm sorry i hadn't shared this one with you earlier. in 2 to 6 minutes, you, too, can be up at at 'em. forget red bull or expensive supplements! and thank gawd 7-up works "even when you're doing nothing." fantastic!

with or without the extra boost of 7-up, i just wanted to let you know that chronic holiday will be back in the swing of things soon, i hope. until then, i'll keep you busy with this feast for the eyes and the stomach! try another dandy spam recipe from the 40's.

and may i suggest for dessert:

whether you're chronically inclined or fit as a fiddle, keep on keeping on and getting by in whatever way you do! and let me know how those recipes turn out...

March 4, 2009

OMG, it's march

hey folks. this is just a short post to let you know that i still have no office and am not able to post yet. my toxic carpet problems continue because of the age-old tradition of passing the buck. the insurer, the supplier, the sub-contractor and the project supervisor are all doing their best to pass the buck verrrrry slowly. it took over a month for the insurer to decide that she couldn't do anything. it's been almost three months now since i complained about this.

i'm going to get this f'd up flooring fiasco fixed, and when i do, i'm going to get chronic holiday up and at 'em again!

please stand by...