February 1, 2009

monday quiz: back away slowly edition

i'm very pleased to once again present a guest post by the one and only seahorse. if you have a chronic condition, you've probably seen that glazed look you get from a health professional who just doesn't want to deal with anything complex. who's afraid of the big bad chronic patient? take seahorse's quiz and find out!

take it away, seahorse:

We all know that the medical profession can be somewhat hands-off where long-term chronic health conditions are concerned. So what's going on? Are they too scared to treat us? Lazy? Do they think it's someone else's responsibility? Or are they too ignorant to realise that sometimes a little intervention goes a long way...

Which of the following scenarios resulted in a "Sorry, we can't treat you... like noooo way, now get out of my clinic!" type response:
On presenting at hospital with severe jaundice and malnutrition
On presenting at the dentist's for a filling
On presenting at the gynae clinic with ongoing menstrual problems
On presenting at the dentist's for an Xray
On presenting at physio, for (erm) physio
On presenting at the doctor's for nutrition shakes
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please vote! and then add your comments-- have you scared the crap out of a health professional lately? are you too complicated to touch with a ten-foot pole?

seahorse has given us the answer in the comments section. you can still make your guess above before reading about seahorse's experience. many thanks to seahorse for giving us another thought-provoking quiz!