June 22, 2009

chronic disarray

if there is anyone left out there who has kept my blog on their feeder or who happens to drop by now and then, i'd like to report that i have not dropped off the face of the earth; rather, i have been unable to organize my thoughts whilst waiting for the flooring in my house to be replaced and my office to be returned to something resembling an open, workable space. i don't know about you, but clutter in the room clutters my mind. also, my pain has been really bad these past two months and i haven't been able to push past the crash and clutter of pain on the brain in order to blog.

i do plan to return to active blogging at least by september. until then, do have a lovely summer, and don't forget to slather on the sunscreen. or not. gawd, who am i to give unsolicited advice?


Gaina said...

((Hiya)) Glad to know you're still breathing dear! :)

Totally agree with you on the clutter - my favourite way to relax is to sort my socks into pairs and put everything neatly back in my underwear drawer :).

yanub said...

You're still on my RSS feed.

Wow, the flooring still isn't finished? Did you contract with the same outfit that provided Murphy Brown her painter?

I'm sorry for your extra pain, Donimo.

seahorse said...

Glad to see you still about and looking forward to you reaping the benefits from restored order in your life

seahorse said...

What's a feeder? Is it like the thing I couldn't face rigging up in my greenhouse to water my tomatoes for me?

Donimo said...

Gaina: thanks for dropping by!!! Yup, I'm still alive and kicking. Thanks for the LOL... you and your sock meditation. Cute.

Yanub: OMG, it's true: we are in the same vortex as Murphy Brown. That was such a weird character on the show. Why on earth did they write a character like that?! I'd forgotten about that show. Thanks for the throw back to my youth. And thanks for your sympathy.

Seahorse: thanks. I crave order and a bit of peace. I'm working toward that. I do miss being creative and being connected to my online crew!

A RSS (real simple syndication) feed is a web feed service that publishes updated works like blogs. It's a way of being notified about a blog being updated without having to go and check the blog. Feeds are delivered to a central spot. Easier than the tomato project!

Michelle said...

OMG, I burned almost as badly as that as a kid. It hurts just looking at it. I still see people out tanning. Are they crazy? Not to judge or anything. I think your advice is sound and not in the realm of crystal spheres or Goji berries.

I am glad to hear from you but sad that your disarray hasn't disappeared. Hopefully, things will resolve soon and we will have your wit and insights to help us through once again. Your readers will come back to both of your blogs because of your unique viewpoints and great art and writing. Take very good care of yourself.

FridaWrites said...

Hi, sorry I missed this update for a few days! Still checking in--I forget to read via the newsfeed, though my favorite blogs are on it (this means yours).

I'm like you--physical clutter=mind clutter to me.

I'm sorry this process has been so difficult--your blogging is much missed, but take care of yourself!

I'll take the sunscreen, please. :)

Donimo said...

Michelle: Thanks so much for staying in touch. I was shocked just now to notice that I hadn't blogged since March. I thought I had at least updated in May. Time has a way of sliding by. Thanks so much for the encouraging words... they mean a lot.

Frida:I'm glad someone can relate to me. I wonder if it's a chronic pain thing where it takes so much space inside one and the bit of space left over has to be managed in a very organized way. Or a resonating kind of thing where if the outside and inside are too similar they amplify each other.

Thanks for being there.

sarah said...

i don't think You need to worry, Donimo. your blog is funny and smart and who can resist that combo? not me.

Lisa Moon said...

Still here, although have been seriously away from my own - and everyone else's - blogs for far too long.

Good to see you in June, although short. Was great to chat!

Look very forward to your home being sorted out FINALLY and reading you from your hard-earned healthy space.

steef said...

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