March 4, 2009

OMG, it's march

hey folks. this is just a short post to let you know that i still have no office and am not able to post yet. my toxic carpet problems continue because of the age-old tradition of passing the buck. the insurer, the supplier, the sub-contractor and the project supervisor are all doing their best to pass the buck verrrrry slowly. it took over a month for the insurer to decide that she couldn't do anything. it's been almost three months now since i complained about this.

i'm going to get this f'd up flooring fiasco fixed, and when i do, i'm going to get chronic holiday up and at 'em again!

please stand by...


FridaWrites said...

Hope everything returns to relative normalcy soon--been thinking of you. I'm looking forward to new installations of chronic holiday.

Cusp said...

I'm over here too.... you cannot escape my beady eye;0)

Perhaps you should rip up the wretched carpet, clean up and put down some simple sisal matting or something (always keeping a fargment of the smelly poisonous carpet in a sealed bag as eveidence of the negligence that has occured)

Donimo said...

Thanks for sticking with me! 6 months of barely posting and you're still here. Glad there is no escape.

I have a crew of friends lined up this weekend to pull out the carpet. Weeks and weeks have gone by waiting for one person or another to think about things...and think... and finally get back to us with no plan for action and no desire to take responsibility. I'm amazed at how much time has passed. But yeah, I can't live like this anymore. I feel so sick (on top of being sick) and need to put an end to the toxins.

I finally have some power now in that they mailed me the "release of payment" forms for me to sign. This is done when the reno project is complete. I was pleased to inform all involved that I will not be signing those forms until the carpet problem is taken care of.

Carpet-pulling... not as much fun as taffy-pulling, but easier on the teeth (unless of course someone uses their teeth to yank the carpet out).

FridaWrites said...

Yes, we're still sticking around, somewhat hopefully and in friendship.

It's not just carpet removal, it's the pain of moving around everything on top of the carpet.

When we had some leaks fixed and repairs done (we had mold) when the kids were babies, everyone stopped getting constant respiratory infections. I hope you feel better when everything's all finished.

Dealing with repairs and trying to hold people accountable for doing them right is one of the most emotionally difficult and frustrating tasks, it really is.

seahorse said...

Hurray for your resolve! I can't imagine how irksome life must be at the moment. You must be so frustrated.

How did the carpet ejection go???

Lisa Moon said...

Sad for the missed op this past weekend, but I know there will be another time...

And that you'll be happily ensconced in your HEALTHY office - FINALLY!

Those jerks; I'd loved to have seen their reactions when you wouldn't sign. AWESOME.

steef said...

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