October 10, 2008

sh*t happens

just a quick post to say that i've been flooded out of my home and won't be posting regularly for at least a month. i don't have access to my computer and all my images, so i think my style might be cramped for a bit. plus, there's the added physical strain of being away from my special foam bed and all the other things in my house that makes things a bit easier. but yup, shit happens and that is actually what my house is filled with. we had a sewage flood. did you know they call it "black water" in the plumbing biz? did you know they have full colour digital cameras that they shove down your pipes? i don't mean a gastroscopy! but it did look like clogged arteries in there. ick. we are paying for the bad habits of other people in our building. flush healthy, people! be nice to those lower in the building.

so, now's the time if you've ever wanted to do a guest post. do you have a monday quiz in mind? a good rant? a particularly good vintage ad? i'll check my google mail account regularly.

what do you do when shit comes up? deal with it. laugh. eat a bit of sugar. blow off some steam. and watch those repair contractors with an eagle eye. i want my house back!