September 30, 2008

why did the chimney sneeze?

because it had a flu. i know, i know, dumb joke and the spelling is wrong. that's what you get when my virus addled brain tries for some quick comedy. my official welcome to fall came in the form of the flu. i've had it a week now and am still feeling rather crappy. i've got a post waiting in the wings all about meat and fat and this new book that claims we should just chow down on steak and butter. but i've gotta tell ya, i have a hard time writing about food right now given my nausea, and i just can't face the doozy of an image i found to accompany the post. oof. so, you'll just have to wait a while. don't have a cow! i'll get to it...

in the meantime, i'm going to take these for the bonus sore throat that i have:

ah, the good old days! i bet these made a throat feel good. it seems to me that there are a lot more cold remedies out there than ones for flu. and a lot of weird ones at that. naught to be done for the flu but rest and fluids? no hot, wet socks to bed? no steaming onions? well, at the very least, i should get googling and start researching ways to boost my immune system. it sucks getting every virus going around. if you have any good flu jokes, do send them in!

September 22, 2008

roll the film, professor

are you in "a run down condition?" maybe you're "shy and withdrawn" or "tense and irritable." not to worry! coronet instructional films will help you get fit and be happy. join ernie, jean and hal as they learn how exercise helps you "make friends easier" and how it is an "outlet for emotional tensions." they still end up being kind of dull and nerdy, but have fewer colds.

this movie is from the wonderful prelinger archive at the internet archive.

September 2, 2008

be a smarty, feed 'em hearty

finally, an excuse to post some of my best (or worst, depending on how strong your stomach is) food ads from the late forties and fifities. blame the bloggers at chewing the fat , fridawrites, yet another never updated blog and others for putting recipes on their blogs. recipes have been sweeping the disability blogosphere and i have to give them the chronic holiday twist! i just have to chime in with some incredibly good eats that will ensure you, your husband and little jimmy will all stay fit, full and happy.

click on the ad to enlarge the text; i know you don't want to miss even one ingredient. impress your friends with your cooking prowess! use spam in bold new ways! don't worry about gluten-free or anti-candida or those complicated rotation diets. just open a jar of mayonnaise or liquid cheese and let 'er rip.

have fun adding tempting zest and interest to your meals!