July 22, 2008

desperate times call for desperate measures

have you ever done something a bit over the top in order to try to find some relief from physical discomfort? i have nothing against sinus buster , "the world's first hot pepper nasal spray," but really, should one stick something up one's nose that has a picture of two hot red peppers on the bottle? i did. and i will never forget the feeling of vaporized capsicum hitting me deep inside my sinuses. have you ever produced noises that you didn't know you could make? have you ever laughed and screamed at the same time because something is sort of ridiculous at the same time as really painful and you wonder why you ever thought it might be a good idea?

why not try an electric bath? that might help!

my sinus misadventure got me thinking about other things i have tried in a moment of desperation. as a teenager in pain, i tried coca cola and aspirin and ended just being super burpy and nauseated. i also tried a handful of little blue pills a classmate stole from her sister that were supposed to be good for back pain. i took them at lunchtime and they were good for nearly getting me expelled! as an adult, i have done many things that temporarily seemed like a good idea. there was the time i put tiger balm in a pot of boiling water and inhaled deeply, hoping to ease my sore throat and stuffed nose. let's just say that a topical analgesic made with camphor and cloves should stay well away from delicate mucous membranes. and how about the time i tried a carrot juice fast and persevered far too long and ended up weak and tinted orange? not the brightest thing to do. last summer, i saw a chinese medicine doctor and i boiled up things like chicken skin, fungus and clam shells to make the worst tasting tea ever in order to try to cure my stomach pain. oh, the list goes on and on.

then there's the stuff that just hurts the pocketbook but fails to effect any physical change (good, bad or humourous): i've bought magnets and wonder pain killing cloth and expensive, odd supplements. we all have our moments of weakness, right?

what have you done in search of relief that you shake your head at and laugh?

July 11, 2008

in the summertime when the forehead is hot

i am in a haze because of the nasty east coast virus/bacteria combo i picked up on my travels. regular programming will return to normal as soon as my head no longer feels like it's going to implode.

now, if this damn call bell would work...nurse?!

(this is actress pola negri in the early 1900's)