June 23, 2008

closed for two weeks for chronic holiday

i'm flying the chronic coop for two weeks. well, i actually take the chronic along with me, but i am indeed leaving home for a while. let's look at the check list: i've got my neck support pillow, my two special bed foams, my lumbar support, my two electronic pain treatment devices--oh, please let me get through customs with those--my wheelchair, parking placard, special earplugs, sleeping pills, icepacks, anti-inflammatory cream, 5 homeopathic remedies, 2 types of calcium, heating pad and my doctor's note indicating that i will need special seating and will need to get up and stretch a lot during flight.

so, how does this sound for adventure: i'll be flying in the US, i'm taking strange electronic devices, gel packs, unusual medication and will need to get up often during the flight to do peculiar stretches and such. oh, and i look weird according to gender norms, can miraculously get up out of my wheelchair to walk through the metal detector and have hidden and non-removable piercings. should i take a poll and see how many of you think i will be detained?

i'll catch you back here after my trip!

June 8, 2008

monday quiz: the scooter edition

a small sea creature has come to my rescue! who would have thought. the monday quiz lives thanks to seahorse, a blogger in england who writes an often funny, thoroughly enlightening, visually engaging blog that i am really very fond of. here we go then, with our third guest blogger and our first scooter user. in her words:

seahorse writes the blog beauty offensive, where rage or loveliness win the day depending on what mood she is in. she uses a mobility scooter and often gets angry. sometimes the two are connected. but by her own admission she’s always been a stroppy cow.

which of the comments below, all encountered by seahorse whilst out and about on her scooter, made her blood boil the most? we’re talking right off the boilometer, 0-60 in two seconds, red face and steaming ears before you can say, “was it something i said?”

which comment sent seahorse scooting to the boiling point?
“Tut,” huffs a mother who whisks her toddler from certain death
as Seahorse tries to navigate a crowded supermarket aisle.
“What’s your top speed?” utters some wit in the playground.
“I wish I had one of those!” sighs a pensioner who then goes
on her merry able-bodied way. Oh, you poor old thing.
“You were walking yesterday!” exclaims a neighbour. Hmmm. Very observant.
“Get out of my way, old man!” yells a small, truculent boy who
is instantly hushed and marched off by his mother. Were
you talking to me? Seriously?
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thanks, seahorse! as someone who occasionally uses a wheelchair, i have heard some winners. hmmm. which one revved you up the most? the answer is now in the comments section. seahorse also muses upon the etymology of the phrase "stroppy cow." is it a good thing to be?

don't forget, the poll is still open for voting!