May 27, 2008

humour hiatus

i haven't forgotten about the monday quiz or spreading chronic hilarity in general, i've just been dealing with the serious side of life and i'm a bit fried. if anyone out there would like to guest star on a quiz, i would be happy to work one up with your content. otherwise, let's do a short spring hiatus here and watch reruns of some of my fave posts:

from the mouths of health care workers

always more than you bargained for

can we get an "amen"?

candy's dandy

maybe all i truly need is a glass of ovaltine at bedtime. can it really be that simple? say it's so!

oh, wait a minute... i wake up gay no matter what. next remedy, please!

May 12, 2008

fibromyalgia awareness day

may 12th is international fibromyalgia awareness day. who knew! i guess it's been going on since 1993. i am so not in the loop... but that ends this year because now i am not only living the life, i am blogging the blog. or something like that.

in the spirit of this blog, i give you a link to the "fibromyalgia funnies," a site where folks with FM share their greatest moments of fibrofog-generated hilarity.

May 7, 2008

look better, feel better, wake up your body

i have to take another trip in the way-back machine so i can pick me up a pair of these winners:

aren't they fabulous? not to mention convenient. don't be concerned that both models look rather doubtful--he's thinking about his diminishing sperm count and she's wondering what idiot in the ad department decided she should sit down and cross her legs--this contraption is right for every body. just blow them up, slip them on and stand in wonder!

don't limit yourself by thinking that these puffy pants are just for slimming. no, no! the byline says that they will help you feel better and wake up your body. dryer than a bracing shower and cheaper than an invigorating massage, these blue wonders will refresh and invigorate. and while waddling around in these, one is sure to have one's mood brighten. sign me up!

i bet they would be useful for padding my nasty sciatica pain as well. anybody else want a pair? i'm sure i haven't thought of all the ways in which these would be helpful.