November 12, 2008

prelude to a post

i'm working on a new post about eating meat and animal fat. i haven't been especially carnivorous lately, i've just been reading a bit about a new book fat: an appreciation of a misunderstood ingredient, with recipes.

i'm still not in top blogging form here at the hotel, so here's a little something to help keep you on theme until i do a proper post. here is a scintillating video by the late andy warhol:

still hungry for more meat? check out james lileks' gallery of regrettable food: meat, meat meat! edition.


Lisa Moon said...

UhHUH. I found myself waiting for the punchline, but knowing it wouldn't be like that...
What I also found myself thinking was OHMIGAWD lookit the massive amount of WASTE there!
The burger was wrapped in paper and in a box, with stiff paper napkins in a paper bag! For a BURGER. Which didn't even look appealing (of course, as a vegetarian, meat never does appeal, but this one looked rather drab and limp).
There was an interesting 4:16, eh?!
Ah, artists! ;)

FridaWrites said...

That was strangely riveting.

The meat pictures, what were our grandparents' generation thinking?

Cusp said...

Well this is very timely. I've been a veggie since 1978 but in July I had a series of specialist blood tests for M.E. and it was recommended that I eat meat again. I've had this advice before and ignored it as it goes against all my principles but this time I was so desperate that I caved in. It's been really hard and even now I eat only a very little meat and can only bear certain 'cold cuts' but it does seem to have made a little improvement. In the midst of guilt I comfort myself with the thought that my 30 yeras of veggie-dom must have saved an awful lot of animals ;0(

Thank you for the Warhol video ---he's a real hero of mine and has been for years. I adore the deadpan delivery --- artful old devil that he was.

Maybe he's not even really dead...bit like Elvis. You haven't seen any wan, skinny men with bad skin, a fright wig and nasty Solanis-type scar around the abdomen by the pool at the hotel have you ? If you have it may be worth speaking to him and if it is the real Andy he'll either make you a superstar or, at the very least, come over and cover your walls in cow-paper or foil ;0)

Brent said...

Will I ever eat a burger again? His beady little eyes, pallid complexion and the strange thing he does with his mouth will always be with me now! It's an interesting video of nothing. It made me laugh, thanks.

The meat images are vivid. Why even bother with the carrots? Will I ever eat beef again? Is this your mission as a vegetarian?

Donimo said...

lisa: i laughed when i got to the end and discovered that there is no punchline, no drama, nothing. i kind of liked the nothingness. clever. mr.pale and creepy eating a gross burger may put off the meat eaters in the crowd as well!

frida: i think the meat pix are from my parent's generation. the fat glistens in such a lovely way. even the veggies look like they'd block arteries.

cusp: i'm a fallen vegetarian. i was off meat for years and then had a bad car accident where i had a lot of abdominal pain and my mom brought me some very plain chicken and it was the only thing i could eat. that was the beginning of the end for me. i don't eat pork or beef but chicken and fish are no longer off limits. i eat free range and wild, if that helps. interesting that you've already noticed a difference with the denser protein. i'm sure your years of being a veggie friend *did* save many critters. i know the conflicted feelings, though.

had you seen this warhol video? funny. what is cow-paper? andy is dead but he certainly isn't gone: interest in him seems to increase every year.

brent: i'm not a vegetarian. my only mission here is to make people think and laugh. it's not a very appetizing post, though, is it? ;)

Cusp said...

I méant the cow wall paper he made


Donimo said...

i hadn't seen that warhol wallpaper. quite the colour combination. forget DDT wallpaper, this stuff would frighten away any harmful bugs.

FridaWrites said...

I hadn't seen the wallpaper before. That is...a little much! I had to stop by again to see him.

rachelcreative said...

Oh see now I want junk food burgers! I really really thought Andy Warhol was going to do an artstic burp near the end there. Oh well.

Have you ever been recommended to try L-Carnitine? I believe that's something only found naturally in meat but is a supposed essential/brilliant/wonder suppliment for ME/CFS. I take 500mg daily but you know as with all these things it's kind of hard to know if it makes a difference or not. But as I don't eat red meat (at the moment - IBS triggering) I feel sort of like at least I am getting a dose of L-Carnitine from my suppliment.

I think it's supposed to help with cell production and is part of the faulty mitochondria / energy not reaching muscles type of theory around ME. So L-Carntine, D-Ribose and Co-Enzyme Q10 are kind of the trinity. Although I'm not taking Q10 at the moment as it's hideously expensive.

I'm a great believer in my food cravings being linked to what the body needs. Well not junk food craving (unfortunately) but I do get meat, fruit, pulses type cravings from time to time.

Anyway - please excuse the uninvited blah about suppliments. Not trying to give you "you should try" advice - just thought maybe if you're up to a bit of reading you might find something of interest. ANYWAY. I shall shuffle off now and be quiet :o)

Donimo said...

hey rachel, no reason to be quiet! i do like hearing about what other people are trying. i've thought about coq10 before but it is so expensive, it's out of my reach. i hadn't heard about taking l-carnitine or d-ribose. some enzyme supplements aren't available in canada, but i'll look up this one. i don't have ME/CFS but FM has such similar symptoms that i suspect it would be helped by many of the same supplements. i don't eat red meat, but i wonder if i can get those enzymes in chicken?

if i crave hagen daaz dulce de leche icecream, does that me i am lacking in caramel?

Anonymous said...

Can you post the link for that video. For some reason I'm having trouble playing quicktimes on my computer. I've tried dumping it and reloading and still no go.


Diane J Standiford said...

Great! I look forward to your meatless post.

Stephanie said...

Animal fat truly has received a bad rap!! Our ancestors were far healthier than us because they ate a pure diet without additives, pesticides, and trans fats.

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