November 24, 2008

monday quiz: back to school (beta) edition

it lives! the monday quiz is back. it's been a long while since we had a regular quiz here on chronic holiday. i'm very pleased that seahorse has breathed life back into the quiz. she also set me the task of trying to figure out how to do a 6 part quiz with 3 possible answers for each question. is this my wake up call here at the hotel? anyway, consider this a beta test of the newest monday quiz as i haven't used surveymonkey before. if you enable pop ups and then refresh your browser, this should be successful. without further ado, here is seahorse with her schoolhouse blues:

I have recently had the monumental task of looking round secondary schools with my son. In the UK, there's the state vs. private conundrum. We looked at community state schools, grammar schools and private (independent) schools. The first are free, the second are free but have an entrance exam, the third are free if you are poor enough but very expensive if you are not.

What struck me, after the discussions about "which school" were over, was the fact that all the visits offered a class-busting glimpse into how society treats disability. There were, on several visits, some real corkers in terms of lack of disability awareness through to outright prejudice – and of course the classic clueless remarks that we've all come to know and roll our eyes at. Also, some hidden gems.

So, your task is to figure out what type of school each of the following incidents occurred at: an expensive private, selective grammar or mainstream community school.

[if a pop up window does not open, you can take the quiz by clicking on the link below. you can't see the results with this type of survey. i'll post the numbers at the end of the week.]

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thank you, seahorse. does more money lead to more access? do bad attitudes exist everywhere? this quiz makes you think. we'll post the answers next monday.

if you're looking for instant gratification, you can go back and vote on seahorse's first guest quiz and find the answer in the comments section following the post; for this quiz, however, you will have to fold your hands nicely on your desk and bloody well be patient.

UPDATE: when you cast your vote, you can't see how other people are voting, so i thought i'd let you know how things are going so far: november, 27: with 20 people voting, expensive private school is well ahead in all questions except for number 2, where mainstream community school is taking the lead. i don't have the fancy touch screen displays like CNN, but at least i can keep you informed about how things are looking at the polls, i mean quiz.

UPDATE 2: look in the comments section where seahorse has posted the answers along with her take on the whole school dilemma. we always get a bit of schooling from seahorse!


Cusp said...

I've answered all those questions and then I'm taken to the Survey site trying to flog me product ;0((

I want to know if I'm right or not. I demand a sweetie (candy) for comfort and a box of candy if I'm the winner (huffy Cusp).

That last question/comment is a classic: silly s*d !

FridaWrites said...

I wonder what how all the kids with physical disabilities manage. Even the first question made me angry--what do they mean *trying* to make the *new* building accessible, and *aethetically?"* New buildings should already be accessible. Oh my goodness, a ramp might not be as pretty as a flight of stairs, better hide it. Good luck, Seahorse!

Donimo said...

cusp:i know that surveymonkey isn't as satisfying as pollhost where you get to see how your answer matches up to others. i can't prevent the ads, cusp, sorry! i will post the answers along with the data showing how many votes each category received. i think it'll be interesting to see if people think that money should equal better access and if bad attitudes exists at all levels of income.

as for your attitude, missy, you're big enough to sit nicely and wait.

frida: i'm with you in the anger dept. a new building not already accessible? what? and "trying" suggests that it is so hard to achieve. from corkers to clueless, what an odyssey. i appreciate this glimpse into seahorse's life as a parent with a disability.

Michelle said...

This is a good quiz because it makes me check my thinking about class. I suspect most of the "incidents" happened at the expensive private school. I will admit to having a deep (old) bias and I think I tend to believe that people with more money will be better educated and will be more enlightened. I know in real life that isn't usually true. Blame my upbringing! I wonder if having less money and knowing what it is like to struggle might sensitize people more to helping others access schooling. But I guess that the people attending these schools might not have much say in how they are outfitted for accessibility. Or do they? Do you have PTA's and the like in England? I look forward to the answers as well as seeing how people voted. I like Poll Host because you can see how people are voting, but I can see how it wouldn't work for this. Thank you for bringing the Monday Quiz back - they make me think.

Lisa Moon said...

Being someone who is struggling to survive poverty as a person with a disability (and pretty new one, too), I guess I'd like to think the snooty expensive schools are the most clueless; I rather suspect they have the money to make things accessible, yet need to dust it off and see if it works since no one there is disabled to use it!

Thought provoking poll.

seahorse said...

Well the results so far are very interesting...pop back on Monday and I'll reveal the results

seahorse said...

And the answers are...

1. Expensive private school
2. Selective grammar school
3. Mainstream community school
4. Selective grammar school
5. Selective grammar school
6. Selective grammar school

What do I think? If you want true disability awareness, teach your kid at home. Failing that, a non-fee paying school is best. Why spend money on being discriminated against and having your son taught to do the same? Though there's always the chance you could teach the school a thing or two just by being the first disabled parent they've ever laid eyes on...