September 30, 2008

why did the chimney sneeze?

because it had a flu. i know, i know, dumb joke and the spelling is wrong. that's what you get when my virus addled brain tries for some quick comedy. my official welcome to fall came in the form of the flu. i've had it a week now and am still feeling rather crappy. i've got a post waiting in the wings all about meat and fat and this new book that claims we should just chow down on steak and butter. but i've gotta tell ya, i have a hard time writing about food right now given my nausea, and i just can't face the doozy of an image i found to accompany the post. oof. so, you'll just have to wait a while. don't have a cow! i'll get to it...

in the meantime, i'm going to take these for the bonus sore throat that i have:

ah, the good old days! i bet these made a throat feel good. it seems to me that there are a lot more cold remedies out there than ones for flu. and a lot of weird ones at that. naught to be done for the flu but rest and fluids? no hot, wet socks to bed? no steaming onions? well, at the very least, i should get googling and start researching ways to boost my immune system. it sucks getting every virus going around. if you have any good flu jokes, do send them in!


FridaWrites said...

Cocaine and small kids, always an excellent combination. :)

Can't think of flu humor right now, but I'll be back in a jiffy if I can.

My mom gave me enough hot lemonade to practically melt the enamel off my teeth. Chicken soup's supposed to be good.

Gaina said...

The onions and garlic definitely work. Just zap them in the microwave with some salt, pepper, a knob of butter and a little water until soft.

They will make you sweat but that's how it works to get the bugs out of your system.

Me? I like a hot toddy. I'm not sure if it actually kills the flu or the whiskey just means you don't give a crap about it anymore!

Donimo said...

thanks, you two. i ate chicken soup most of last week. i think it's good for being simple and nourishing and easy on the tummy. i dunno about a whack of garlic and onions with butter! you're a tougher nut than i, gaina. hot toddies sound so sophisticated and so utterly british. too bad even the thought of alcohol makes me feel even more upchucky. maybe i should go for the cocaine drops instead?

Lisa Moon said...

That's hilarious!!!

Yes, the good old days, when your Coke really WAS the real (cocaine) thing. And 7up got you up! Hell, I'd drink sodas if they still did that, lol.

Do you think you could get me some drops, too?! I've got these pains, see... I've got 30 cents so will pay for yours, too!

Hope you're feeling much better very soon. :)

rachelcreative said...

No remedies. No jokes. I come empty handed. But I can at least offer my sympathies and hope that you kick the virus very very soon!

Donimo said...

lisa: sure, i'll hook you up, it should do the trick! i don't know if 7-up ever had anything "extra" in it, but it was definitely pushed as a tonic. in the 30's, it was advertised as a "lithiated lemon soda for hospital or home use." pop! indeed.

rachel: i don't think there are too many flu jokes out there. thanks for the well wishes.

Lisa Moon said...

Yeah, apparently it was originally touted as a hangover cure! Hmm, a lil lithium should do the trick!

And I do believe when they invented amphetamines, they were originally being given to mathematics students and prominent universities in the US to make them super-smart and productive! Umm, I can just see legions of math geeks (and I say this fondly!) all hepped up on this crap trying to do right for their university and country. Poor things.

Then we go on to the LSD studies in the 50s, led by Victoria resident and groundbreaking psychiatrist Abram Hoffer. He and his cohorts were trying to utilize LSD as a cure for alcoholism and realized to best understand its effects, they themselves would have to take it! So they did! And then realized it induces a state similar to someone with schizophrenia; this was able to help them devise 'orthomolecular' (large dose vitamin) treatment for schizophrenia, back in the 1950s in Saskatchewan.

Sorry to ramble; it's quite a fascinating subject, I think! And I've always gotten a chuckle from the old ads. The worst I've heard: Lysol being good for 'intimate female cleansing'. It's a wonder any woman survived!

Donimo said...

lisa: it's super fascinating. you're not rambling at all. i didn't know that the lsd experiments lead to something promising like orthomolecular treatment. in saskatchewan, no less! interesting. having recently taken dexedrine to get past my fatigue, i can see how hard it would be to do it day after day. fried brain, anyone? not to mention the muscle tension. there are plenty of old ads with a frazzled housewife who "needs" dexedrine to make her happy and productive again. they don't call them "go pills" for nothing. go a bit bonkers, probably.

i've seen those lysol ads. unbelievable!!!