June 23, 2008

closed for two weeks for chronic holiday

i'm flying the chronic coop for two weeks. well, i actually take the chronic along with me, but i am indeed leaving home for a while. let's look at the check list: i've got my neck support pillow, my two special bed foams, my lumbar support, my two electronic pain treatment devices--oh, please let me get through customs with those--my wheelchair, parking placard, special earplugs, sleeping pills, icepacks, anti-inflammatory cream, 5 homeopathic remedies, 2 types of calcium, heating pad and my doctor's note indicating that i will need special seating and will need to get up and stretch a lot during flight.

so, how does this sound for adventure: i'll be flying in the US, i'm taking strange electronic devices, gel packs, unusual medication and will need to get up often during the flight to do peculiar stretches and such. oh, and i look weird according to gender norms, can miraculously get up out of my wheelchair to walk through the metal detector and have hidden and non-removable piercings. should i take a poll and see how many of you think i will be detained?

i'll catch you back here after my trip!


seahorse said...

No, do a poll when you get back asking us which event (list a few really preposterous ones) actually befell you whilst you were away. I am sure something momentous will happen that will be well worth a quiz. Have a great time :-)

Shanta Everington said...

Hi there, I found your blog on OUCH and thought I'd take a look. Good luck with the flight. The longest I ever did was 12 hours and it nearly killed me. But it was to get married so it was worth it ;0) Last year I managed 2 hours to Spain but this year it'll be a weekend in good ol' Blighty with smallboy!

rachelcreative said...

Enjoy your chronic holiday holiday :o)

Lets hope you fall into the "too difficult - easier to ignore" category and they leave you alone at security ;o)

Anonymous said...

i love those exercise images! what year is that from? i don't know where you get your images (besides the ones you make yourself - the font cards are beautiful), but they are so weird and entertaining! i hope you're having a decent trip and that they don't hassle you too much. seahorse is right: this will be good quiz material post trip for sure.

i've read your blog for a long time and am not a big commenter, but wanted to let you know i love your stuff.

Donimo said...

Seahorse: did you jinx me? I think a sinus/throat/tear duct infection along with a whopper of a cold is "something momentous." Otherwise, the flights actually went okay. The Transport Safety Administration did go through my luggage (they were kind enough to leave a note) and confiscate the lose calcium capsules I threw in my suitcase at the last moment. I wonder if I'm on some list now?

Shanta: welcome to the blog, I'm glad you dropped by. I can't imagine a 12 hour flight. Mine was 8 hours in total with a two hour stopover that gave me time to stretch. Where is Blighty??? And what's "smallboy?"

Rachel: are you kidding? They looove the "difficult" ones because they can then be the powerful security people they were meant to be! Not to mention the fact that a cavity search sure eases boredom.

The image I used is a series of exercises from 1878. Very practical and dance-like, yes? I won't reveal my sources! Thanks for the +'ve feedback!