May 27, 2008

humour hiatus

i haven't forgotten about the monday quiz or spreading chronic hilarity in general, i've just been dealing with the serious side of life and i'm a bit fried. if anyone out there would like to guest star on a quiz, i would be happy to work one up with your content. otherwise, let's do a short spring hiatus here and watch reruns of some of my fave posts:

from the mouths of health care workers

always more than you bargained for

can we get an "amen"?

candy's dandy

maybe all i truly need is a glass of ovaltine at bedtime. can it really be that simple? say it's so!

oh, wait a minute... i wake up gay no matter what. next remedy, please!


michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're swamped. I know how it gets. I bet it is hard to come up with funny posts all the time, I can't even imagine being able to do that myself. Even your taking a break notice is funny! Well done. I hadn't seen some of your earlier posts so it was fun to check them out. Big LOLs. Thanks, I needed it!

Now, put your feet up, grab a good book and a cup of Ovaltine and relax, rejuvenate and be gay!

seahorse said...

Having been swamped by a downer myself of late I found the best thing was to post when words came my way. Still no photos though (apart from the brownies that is). The weather here is just unrelenting rain rain rain.
Rest, absorb, reflect xx

Donimo said...

michelle: i'm glad you liked the old stuff! i hope i haven't scared you off candy. coming up with the funny stuff isn't always easy, but it's been a good thing for me, for sure. it's tough to realize that i'm completely drawing a blank right now for new material. ah well, it'll happen.

seahorse: sorry to hear that you've been swamped as well. the rain just doesn't help, does it? i hear you about not forcing the posts, for sure. thanks for the three simple words.

winsolu said...

i love your blog! keep up good works...:D