April 6, 2008

monday quiz: don't worry, be happy edition

today, we have another guest for our quiz: i bring you the story of my best friend jackal who, for most of his life, has suffered through cycles of severe depression. if you experience serious depression, you've probably been on the receiving end of many suggestions of how to get well or get over it. depression is very complicated and tenacious, but that hasn't stopped people from giving jackal many helpful hints for easily getting rid of his depression forever.
can you pick out the depression curing advice jackal has NOT received?
use a flotation tank daily
accept jesus as your lord and personal saviour
it's all in your mind - just relax and let it go
buy a soft dog and pet it every day
eat for your blood type
lithum is recommended but take prozac instead
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which one of the six remedies has not been recommended to jackal? the answer is now in the comments section! you can vote before checking, if you like.


michelle said...

This is a tough one. They all sound like the wrong thing to say to someone who has serious depression - so they all seem likely. It's a tricky quiz, but I guess what it really shows is that people get told a lot of stupid things. Well-meaning, perhaps, but pretty dumb. The get over it one isn't at all well-meaning, though. I have depression and I think that most people write off the impact of it as well as simplify the ways to positively impact it. I think drug ads make it seem like no depression is incurable. That just isn't true! End of my rant. Back to the funnies: the most ridiculous suggestion I had was to have potatoes for breakfast and then a brisk walk.

Donimo said...

hey, michelle, nice to see you again. not a rant at all! i think you're so right about pharmaceutical ads and the myths that they perpetuate. many people find their depression very hard to treat (if at all)and now that the magic pills have been marketed so heavily, people with intractable depression are made to feel like failures. jackal was presented with ridiculous solutions to something that is so hard to alter in its course. for sure, depression is often treatable, i'm not saying otherwise... just probably not with potatoes and a brisk walk! huh???

Brian said...

My ex struggles with depression, and my sister's advice to her was "can't you just pretend like nothing is wrong?". Too many folks are unwilling to grasp the reality of depression.

Donimo said...

that's totally true, brian, and it's so bloody hurtful.just pretend...i guess your sister was looking for a way for for it not to impact her so much? i think people pretend all the time as far as not showing their feelings to others, but that's when you're dealing with minor emotions and not debilitating depression.

seahorse said...

I can't imagine, well I can, how awful it must be to be subjected to ads perpetuating the myths created by pharmaceutical companies. I'm going to go off now and find out how we in the UK have escaped these horrors so far.
As for the quiz, I agree they are all likely. 'Pull yourself together' is my personal fave.

Donimo said...

a classic, seahorse! very british. and brutish, as the spell check just suggested.

pharmaceutical ads on television are quite a new thing here. laws were loosened in the u.s. five years ago to allow t.v. drug ads to make health claims (as long as they say the side-effects out loud - and so rapidly that you can't understand). last year, u.s. drug companies spent $2.5 billion on advertising!!! in canada, there's a limit to what drug ads can say, but we get all the american channels, so it really doesn't matter. as you can imagine, the ads are very slick and very convincing for many people.

remember the line in those egg ads you shared? i think we could change it to "happiness is pill-shaped."

FridaWrites said...

I love these quizzes. They put a humorous take on the questions/advice we all get tired of and turn the tables.

Donimo said...

the answer: buy a soft dog and pet it every day.

every answer seemed plausible, it's true. nobody suggested pet therapy to my friend but that doesn't mean that somebody won't recommend it at some point. there are so many simple solutions, right?

seahorse said...

A dog! Of course, how very simple. Not at all stress-inducing introducing a high maintenance pet into one's home and then being responsible not only for your emotional wellbeing but for your dog's. I've got a slightly different take on this, maybe but it's because I don't get on well with dogs and I know that extra responsibility of any sort during depression is a no-go. As for drug ads. I'm speechless. Wish they were.

Donimo said...

That's the thing with advice, Seahorse, people take one small bit of information -like petting a dog can help lift your spirits- and happily apply it to more complicated/difficult situations. Got insomnia? Drink warm milk. That sort of thing.

Too bad you don't like dogs. I think there might be a pill for that.

seahorse said...