March 24, 2008

monday quiz:

for the last quiz, i wrote about getting unexpected advice from a grocery store cashier. if you're chronic like me, you've probably gotten health tips in many unlikely places: on the bus, in the dog park, on a plane, on an elevator. they're everywhere! today's quiz is brought to us by a chronic holiday reader who got some interesting advice from her dentist.
according to a dentist, how can you improve your sleep?
count green cows and not white sheep
align your bed along important ley lines
drink hot water with 2 teaspoons of honey before bed
ask jesus for deeper sleep
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four out of five dentists agree that when you can't help your patient with her jaw pain you should focus on something else.

green cows look like the popular choice so far. what do you think? vote and then find the answer in the comment section below.


sarah said...

phew! i was hoping there would be one this week. it is hard to decide between sheep and jesus. what about putting your bed in the correct spot and then counting jumping jesuses?

donimo said...

jesus and sheep DO go hand in hand, after all. i suppose if you did all those things it would tire you out and you might sleep. i might try that tonight! would counting green jesuses be too sacreligious?

Will H. said...

I hope you can join our community "Support People with Disabilities" on

Will H.

seahorse said...

Green ley lines for me every time. Every time I see one, I just lie down on it and go straight to sleep. Doesn't matter where it is, works every time.

donimo said...

will: thanks for the invite. it's a very dynamic site! i will definitely spend more time there.

seahorse: i can just picture it! very funny. england is crisscrossed by so many ley lines that you must have to be very careful where you go.

donimo said...

the answer: align your bed on ley lines!

ashey, a reader who commented on a post entitled "always more than you bargained for," shared her story about a trip to the dentist. he asked about other health problems and she said she had ME/CFS for nearly 9 years. WELL! he couldn't just let that go now could he?

look to wikipedia for an explanation of ley lines. and stop counting those green cows!