February 17, 2008

your monday quiz

time to get your vote on! this problem and answer is brought to us by elizabeth mcclung, who writes an intelligent and witty blog that you should definitely check out. like all people with a serious illness, elizabeth has been on the receiving end of many helpful suggestions, the latest coming at her in a 5:00 a.m. phone call all the way from manitoba! elizabeth has autonomic failure and experiences things like heart problems (including the risk of sudden heart attack), blood pressure problems, muscle decay, pain and heat intolerance. very serious stuff and very complicated.

undeterred by the complexity of elizabeth's physical condition, one person told her that all she needed to do was one simple thing. what do you think that was?

what is the obvious cure for autonomic failure?
vast amounts of L arginine
pranic healing
high doses of vitamin c
korean ginseng
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it's time to reveal the answer to all your autonomic prayers. right now, pranic healing is ahead. is this the key? check out the comments section to find the answer. (you can still vote, if you want to try your luck or your knowledge.)


Sandy/Fighting Fatigue said...

Hi! I was wondering if you would like to exchange blogroll links with me! I have the Fighting Fatigue website. You can leave me a comment to let me know! Thanks!

Michelle said...

This is great. I love the Monday quiz! Keep 'em coming. I see Pranic Healing is out in front. What the hell is Pranic Healing? Can you get it where you buy golf socks?

Donimo said...

the answer:

according to someone in the know, elizabeth mcclung needs to take korean ginseng to cure her ills. for men with the same condition, they will need to take russian ginseng.

i think maybe this person believes that ginseng will cure a lot of things. it's an old classic and not to be forgotten!

sarah said...

wow. every time i think i know all the miracle cures i learn something new. thanks-- this blog is a great source of health information for me. :)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Please, I really hope no one takes this for serious advice, this advice was given to me by a Taxi Driver who I think did not know what Autonomic Failure meant and for all I know, he was advocating his country's home remedy to replicate viagra.

Donimo said...

no worries, elizabeth, sarah was only joking!

isn't it amazing where you can get health tips? i don't think i've gotten any in a taxi yet, but i did get quick and direct advice in a grocery line up!