February 25, 2008

it's tuesday and here's your overdue monday quiz:

so far, people seem to be voting for the more esoteric choices, but, sometimes, simple things that you've had in your cupboard for years actually hold the key to changing your health around dramatically. duh! i have fibromyalgia and a common symptom is debilitating fatigue. i've had fibro for over 25 years and have tried many, many ways to get more get up and go. like most people with fibro, i haven't really had much success in kicking my fatigue to the curb. recently, someone told me that i just needed to do one thing and i would have energy to spare!
my get up and go got up and went. what do i need to do to be energized?
do a lemon water, cayenne and maple syrup fast 6 times per year
take 15, 000 i.u.'s of vitamin D per day
start my day with a glass of warm water and olive oil
take 1/4 teaspoon of tumeric with each meal
eat 7 grain cereal every morning
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the very simple answer to the "draggin' your ass blues" is now in the comments section. you can still make your guess and see what's the crowd favourite!


michelle said...

I have garbanzo beans, pickles and tuna in my cupboard - I wonder if they would cure anything? I like this week's quiz back to basics approach. Not that I know the answer!

Donimo said...

for sure the tuna won't help you, what with all that mercury. you might be able to get yourself started on a raw foods diet with garbanzos and pickles added to sprouts or something. or maybe pickles aren't raw enough. i dunno.

obviously, simple things we have on hand can make a difference, i'm not saying they won't. i would benefit from drinking more water, for example. but THE ANSWER is not to be found in one thing, that's for sure. at least with the answer to the quiz you have a one in five chance of getting it right!

Donimo said...

the answer: it's a classic, folks, the lemon, cayenne and maple syrup fast. i remember first hearing about this in the 80's. i don't know its origin, but it's been a popular fast for many years. it is usually done once a year, but someone told me i ought to do it more often so i would have boundless energy.

i think plenty of fairly healthy people benefit from the occasional fast. i really don't think that people who have chronic illnesses that affect many systems in their bodies generally benefit from something that is so physically stressful. imho.

i think the olive oil thing is about gallstones. ick. i couldn't stomach it!

Elizabeth McClung said...

I was RIGHT, I was right - the problem is, I was sure I posted a post saying that about 2 weeks ago - God, it is bad enough not to put a coherent sentence down, but now I have "Fake memories" of what I INTENDED to do? So, what is the cure for that? I am sure a colonic is involved somewhere.

Donimo said...

elizabeth, a colonic fixes just about everything, right? another classic, along with the cayenne and lemon fast. you get a gold star for being right.

my memory sucks, too, and i have a vague memory of having experienced a "fake memory" about an intended action. i think i did. besides, you've logged more coherent sentences online than most people ever will.