February 11, 2008

a new feature: the monday chronic quiz

every monday, i'll post a new quiz that gives you the chance to guess which remedy will cure a problem that has, for years, plagued you or somebody you know. now wait, it's not as simple as using logic! the goal here is to select which cure was confidently recommended to myself or one of my blog readers as a sure cure. it's quick, it's easy and it doesn't taste bad! just select the remedy, read what others think and i'll post the answer at the end of the week.

what remedy is a "sure cure" for insomnia?

drinking horse milk once a day

sleeping with a crystal under your pillow

wearing golf socks to bed

eating a high protein snack at bedtime

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and now, the answer you've all been waiting for:

after telling someone that she has had insomnia since she was a small child and has tried everything under the sun (with very little success), this no-fuss remedy was suggested to katrin. what is the easiest way to certain slumber? you'll find it in the comments section, so you can still make a guess above, if you like.


sarah said...

hee hee hee. this is funny and i love the free poll thing!

Katrin said...

great idea!!!! :-)

bn said...

horse milk?



lilwatchergirl said...

Heh - good stuff.

The last one is far too believable to be the one you were told. :D

Donimo said...

thanks, gang! i think this will be fun. i don't want to mess with the results, however, i will say that people do drink horse milk, bn. and i find it icky, too. why is it gross and drinking cow's milk isn't? interesting.

Mark said...

Maybe it's not a weird one. Maybe the more normal sounding one is there to throw us off. Or maybe you have had insomnia for 20 years and somebody said that all you needed to do all this time was eat a piece of chicken at bedtime.

Donimo said...

the answer: golf socks!

what i want to know is what happens when you get a hole in one? har, har.

fuzzy socks will also do,according to the person who suggested this remedy.

cusp said...

Why golf socks ? why not pop socks, long socks, trainer socks, and do they have to be a specific pattern or colour ? For example if I wear pastel golf socks will the soothing nature of the colour allow me to sleep more deeply and if I wear tartan socks will I sing 'My heart belongs to Glasgow' all night in my sleep ? These are very profound questions about a very profound remedy to insominia. Donimo I plead with you to respond ;-))

rachelcreative said...

Golf socks?!


Donimo said...

wow, cusp, i don't even now what "pop socks" are. profound indeed! i've sent an email to katrin, as she was the one on the receiving end of this sleepy suggestion. i really don't know why this one is supposed to work or why it is so specific. all of us really OUGHT to know!

Katrin said...

Honestly, I have no idea why golf socks were supposed to work either.

I told the woman I sometimes wear smartwool socks to bed (heavy hiking socks) but she seemed rather insistant that what she had read somewhere was 'golf or fuzzy socks'. I wasn't really in the mood to continue on with the discussion nor have I been in the mood to actually go out and buy either golf or fuzzy socks.

If someone would like to try a double blind controlled experiement on this, please let me know, I would love to hear the results :-P

Donimo said...

I know you have to make the right choice when you take, say, calcium (you're not supposed to use dolomite), but socks? Wow, it's a complicated world.

Thanks for sharing, Katrin!