August 27, 2007

sweet dreams are made of this

when you're sick, especially if you have aches and pains, it's not as simple as flopping into bed and falling easily off to sleep. we toss and turn. we count backwards from a thousand. two thousand. three. but perhaps it isn't the sore necks or backs that are keeping us up, it's the constant mulling over of the many staunch opinions so freely shared about the right way to sleep. so, don't sleep too much or too little, don't sleep on the wrong mattress, don't sleep in the wrong position, don't eat before going to bed, don't go to bed hungry, don't sleep at the wrong time of day or night and don't, for pete's sake, worry about getting to sleep!

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August 19, 2007

always more than you bargained for

this isn't a get-well-type-thing, but it ought to be included, i think, in our collection of the strange things people say. if you have any experience with specialists, you will know how they are apt to comment on many things that are not within their area of expertise. going to see someone about osteoporosis? she'll tell you how to manage your pain. got a hip problem? he'll tell you what you should do for your dyspepsia. this statement has to be a prize winner:

i do, by the way, get $45 haircuts and wash and press my clothes. apparently, not wearing makeup and a dress is a big problem in doctorland.

August 11, 2007

the strange things that people say (and do)

believe it or not, i do sometimes take the advice of others regarding my health. to wit: i am feeling rather green from drinking wickedly vile chinese medicine tea. i see this doc every four days and he has me busy boiling up vats of very potent herbs. i don't much feel like posting, so while i drink strange blends of grasses and berries and bark, i give you two bright and funny folks who have posted about what is king on this site: the strange things people say.

elizabeth mcclung
in her intro blog at ouch! describes many meaningful and odd interactions with able bodied folks. sarah leavitt has a comic on the alzheimer's society's web site about the way out there things people said to her when they learned her mother had alzheimer's.


August 5, 2007

if i had a million dollars

if i had a tonne of cash, i would probably not spend it on many of the pricey solutions people have suggested to me. well, maybe i would make an exception for that ocean and organics therapy in sunny mexico. hang on! what was i thinking? i am rolling in the dough: i'm sick and can't work and live on a disability allowance from the government.

August 3, 2007

drawing from experience

check out my girlfriend's site for lots of funny, smart, creative content including yours truly - drawn in comic format - in her now-infamous chronic holiday moment.