December 31, 2007

proof in advertising

i knew it! didn't i say that ads were suggesting that we've done something wrong if we get sick? sometimes, the old adverts just said it so clearly. sometimes, if we look to the past, we can see how we got where we are today.

isn't it kind of creepy how happy and smug the healthy person looks? now, who is the sick one, really?


southpawto said...

Hello Donimo,

I loved this one...ah yes the smug look of the healthy!
Thanks for the laugh.

Michelle said...

Creepy! You're so right, this old ad says plainly what all the new ones imply: that we are weak or stupid (in that we don't buy the right products) if we get sick. Great find! I love your site.

Donimo said...

I'm always happy to make people laugh. And shake their heads. Don't you love ad agencies? The way they manipulate us and the facts in order to tap into guilt and fear is just wrong.

jackal said...

honestly the healthy guy looks like an air-brushed alien.

jackal said...

i have to tell you, that this image reminds me of this book I just read "the Good Death" by Marilyn Webb. She says something like, in American culture we are so phobic about sickness that it is just like saying it's bad manners to die!

Donimo said...

A healthy air-brushed alien! One who made the right choices and isn't a chump!

I haven't read that book,it sounds interesting. The pressure of "good manners" often gets applied to things that people fear. I had forgotten about that angle. So many tools to suppress feelings!