September 30, 2007

you're just too good to be true

a comment on this blog by chayil got me thinking about wonder cures. someone told her that a daily dose of horse milk is a sure cure for what ails her. companies don't generally use the phrase "miracle cure" these days, what with it being illegal to make such claims and all; but the message of miraculous health is still being promoted in an enthusiastic and compelling way.

someone recently tried to sell me some himalayan goji juice. i guess goji juice is the new tahitian noni juice. or is it the new mangosteen juice? anyway, earl mindell, the doc behind this juice, claims that it is the "ultimate nutritional discovery," and he hopes to "close down one half of all hospitals because we won't need them anymore!" you might say it's a miracle what people can get away with saying. or at over $50 a bottle, perhaps the real marvel is the good doctor's bank account. but i digress.

obviously, anything that is touted as a cure-all should be looked at with a lot of skepticism. this includes grandiose claims made by pharmaceutical companies, by the way. just because a medication has a din number, a corporation and a slick commercial behind it doesn't mean that claims to its transformative properties should be wholly and uncritically embraced. cymbalta just might not radically change your life and make you as well-adjusted, well-dressed and happy as the folks in the ad on t.v.

one no longer has to look at the back of a comic book or trashy magazine for miracle cures. they are on t.v, the internet, in magazines and in books. the miracle of soy, the miracle magnetic cloth, the master molecules of goji, the perfection of the latest anti-depressant... they are all waiting for you.

i admit, i'm as ready as the next person to "look and feel twenty years younger." i would sign up in a minute if i thought that a treatment or berry or drug would safely rid me of my chronic pain and fatigue. but come on, don't try to suck me in.

[if you'd like to watch a investigative report on himalayan goji jiuce check out cbc's "marketplace"]


LUCE said...

Hey Donimo, got this link from Sarah - this blog ROCKS. I met you on the street once and we talked about disability stuff (as I am on it too for CFS, pain, and a number of other issues) and man I will be directing a few people here - cause what you have on here says it ALL. I have been through the same crap for 15 years having people tell me stuff - and the hardest part was that I believed it for a while. Some stuff has helped (not to throw the baby out with the bathwater) but accepting my illness and doing the best I can each day - that in itself has made the biggest difference in my quality of life - instead of somehow thinking I wasn't doing enough, or my illness was my fault - which people imply (unknowingly) when they keep suggesting things - because obviously we haven't done the "right" thing or we'd be fine. Anyway, thanks for all your work on this - it rocks. I have my own blog - which is a cornucopia of things - so I may have to do an entry and post this blog on my links. Oh, and thanks for the tip on gov't rebates for gas (that helped!) Cheers, Lucy

Anonymous said...

I'm testing the new system.



Donimo said...

Thanks, Lucy! Good to "see" you again. I hope this site helps us to keep the guilt at bay. It can be hard not to let people's "well wishes" or directives make us feel like we are slackers somehow. It's swell to feel crappy and then feel crappier when you think you aren't doing enough! Three cheers for acceptance.

Anonymous said...

this is so funny, because just today I heard this ad on the radio. "Fish oil not working for you? Try Omega 3-1000..." (ok - omega something or other. The point is, it was just as "cure-all-ish" as you can get. Crazy funny you are, you are.

Anonymous said...

fish oil is by Jackal btw.