September 16, 2007

where's your head at?

everybody knows that you've got to try to have a positive attitude in life -- lemons and lemonade, and all that -- but some people seem to think that our thoughts are much more powerful than they really are. some folks believe that all anybody really needs is an "attitude adjustment," and bliss, greatness, wealth and wellness will follow. they believe that the opposite is also true: our nasty, negative thoughts will lead us to misery, poverty and traumatic injury. the "you create your own reality" mentality seems to be applied with great zeal to physical illness: warts are little volcanoes of anger that we haven't released; alzheimer's disease is caused by a person's desire to forget past traumas; cancer can be cured by visualizing armies of white knights vanquishing black cells and people run red lights and hit us because we draw pain into our lives. me, i like to use my mind to bend spoons.


Chayil said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

When I saw how surprised you were about the horsemilk I went to google it in english and to my surprise I did not get a list of pages claiming that it's a "cure for all"! I was able to find a dutch site with english info thought you might want to take a look:

an't wait to read your post about it ;-)

cusp said...

Came here via Amanda W-W and glad I did on a day when I'm truly p***ed off with my own 'chronic holiday'. What a hoot ! Unbelievable the advice one gets !

A few months back I thought out a few choice responses
but they don't slip out so readily in the real world.

Great blogs --- both of them

Donimo said...

Cusp: your link got cut off. I do hope you re-post. Great to see new visitors. Glad I made you smile a bit.

Chayil: I don't know why I thought it absurd that people would drink horse milk. We drink goat milk. I hear camel milk is very unlikely to cause allergies! Mare's milk sounds like a popular item in Denmark. Who knew! Thanks for the link. The things you learn on the internet :)