September 4, 2007

can we get an ''amen''?

when we think of fundamentalists, what usually comes to mind is someone with a religious, political or ideological bent who strictly adheres to a set of rigid ideas or principles. they're often quite keen on trying to convert others to their way of living. and their way of living is the right way, by the way, and don't you forget it. i have encountered many fundamentalists in my day. i am often very surprised by their fervor. for some people, there is but one way to enter the kingdom of wellness; there is only one thing you must do to turn everything around. i ask you, though, how can one get religious about water or meat?


Elizabeth McClung said...

Okay, I'm back - and you forgot my favorite fundie cure-all - Bee-pollen (sometimes Queen bee-pollen) - I am not sure why it is so good but it is in every fundy mag next to adverts on buying gold.

Ah you highlight so well the frustration (and guilt) of talking to one of the holier than thou - since they were told they had 14 minutes to live until they turned to the lord and (insert whichever cure here). These are one of the many groups that make me feel like a slacker in being ill. Have you tried taking 20,000 milligrams a day of Vitamin C? No? I guess you don't really want to get better then? (actually I just don't want my skin to turn orange, thanks!) Grrr.

Donimo said...

Glad you're back! I'm not yet done with the sure-cure list. The buzz around bee pollen deserves a treatment card, for sure.

It's funny (odd, that is) how even though we know health is more complicated than a simple cure suggests, we can feel guilty when faced with someone telling us the KEY THING that we really need to do. Is it because we sort of wish for a key and feel guilty that we do want things to be simple? Is it that drug companies have convinced us that a single thing will make us "well" (or at least enable us to function)? Whatever. I'd rather just laugh at the "fundies" right now.

Chayil said...

:-D Today I feel lousy and started to search for other blogs from chronicly Ill. I have to say you brought a smile to my face okay not a smile I have tears running down my cheeks from laughter! People can be so insensitive!
Here are some of my favorites:
* a glass of horsemilk a day will cure you..
* Try "oil-pulling" it will draw all the illness out of you..
* Your blood needs "sour" add a lil vinegar in all you eat and drink..

** off to drink my horsemilk with vinegar **