August 27, 2007

sweet dreams are made of this

when you're sick, especially if you have aches and pains, it's not as simple as flopping into bed and falling easily off to sleep. we toss and turn. we count backwards from a thousand. two thousand. three. but perhaps it isn't the sore necks or backs that are keeping us up, it's the constant mulling over of the many staunch opinions so freely shared about the right way to sleep. so, don't sleep too much or too little, don't sleep on the wrong mattress, don't sleep in the wrong position, don't eat before going to bed, don't go to bed hungry, don't sleep at the wrong time of day or night and don't, for pete's sake, worry about getting to sleep!

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Michelle said...

I've just spent a bunch of time looking at your older posts. What a fab site. This image is very beautiful. The use of the bright orange/red really conveys the pressure of getting it right for sleep. I have had insomnia for years and this image really says so much. I get told what to do to improve my sleep all the time. People think it is so simple! The use of an ad from the 50's is perfect for the simplistic attitudes that people have about a complex thing like insomnia. Thanks for your art!!!!