August 11, 2007

the strange things that people say (and do)

believe it or not, i do sometimes take the advice of others regarding my health. to wit: i am feeling rather green from drinking wickedly vile chinese medicine tea. i see this doc every four days and he has me busy boiling up vats of very potent herbs. i don't much feel like posting, so while i drink strange blends of grasses and berries and bark, i give you two bright and funny folks who have posted about what is king on this site: the strange things people say.

elizabeth mcclung
in her intro blog at ouch! describes many meaningful and odd interactions with able bodied folks. sarah leavitt has a comic on the alzheimer's society's web site about the way out there things people said to her when they learned her mother had alzheimer's.



Diana said...

This is such a genius idea! The things people say to us are ridiculous at best and insulting at worst.

Polly said...

People should read this.

jessica said...

this is such a great idea every one appreciated this