August 5, 2007

if i had a million dollars

if i had a tonne of cash, i would probably not spend it on many of the pricey solutions people have suggested to me. well, maybe i would make an exception for that ocean and organics therapy in sunny mexico. hang on! what was i thinking? i am rolling in the dough: i'm sick and can't work and live on a disability allowance from the government.


Scott Rains said...

I want to introduce your blog to my readers at Rolling Rains. May I use one of your great graphics to illustrate?

Elizabeth McClung said...

Sorry this is such a thing for me because whatever the solution offered and you ask: "Well why exactly would that help?" the answer is, "You'd be suprised, it can do wonders." - yeah, I would be surprised since I have FIVE, count em, FIVE specialist who have run over 100 tests and you can't come up with one reason why this works. (okay rant over, you can come out now)

Number 1 all time wacky alternative treatment statment: "You need to find out what your past lives were; you are probably sick now because of something from your past life....(pause) know I was burned at Plymouth Rock"

Donimo said...

Hi Scott. I'd love to have one of my graphics highlight your intro. Thanks for spreading the word!

Donimo said...

This is "such a thing" for many of us, Elizabeth.I first debuted these cards at a big disability arts show a couple of years back and sooooo many people "got it" because of their own experiences. None of us enjoy this. Lots of us have quite the stories to tell.

It feels good to laugh about this stuff, non? Ranting works, too!

Though I have had some doozies, I can not match your past life prescription. Burned at Plymouth, you say? Wow, that's special!

Elizabeth McClung said...

The person burned at plymouth rock was the woman who was telling me I needed this past life stuff - she said getting burned alive in her past life gave her some "intimacy and trust" issues in this one.

I said, "Yeah, I guess being burned alive would do that."