August 3, 2007

drawing from experience

check out my girlfriend's site for lots of funny, smart, creative content including yours truly - drawn in comic format - in her now-infamous chronic holiday moment.


deborah said...

No joke, this one my Mother (dearest) gave me this advice; if you want to call it that. First, let me tell you that I suffer from daily headaches and migraines, no fun. I've travelled to Michigan and Boston for help, so I've been around. Here is her advice: "Maybe you should cut your hair." No kidding! She actually said that.

My reply to her was that I should fire my expensive neurologists and other specialists, and just get a really good and qualified cosmetologist!

Donimo said...

OH MY GAWD!! That's great. Why go to all the hassle and expense (especially in The States) of seeing specialists when all we need to do is be better groomed! A good past life regression and a good hair dresser, that's all one needs.

I certainly am learning that I am not alone in this.