July 23, 2007

just a few simple steps...

all we have to do to rid ourselves of those pesky aches and pains is to follow all the sage advice we are given every day. it's just that easy! here we have the starter set of eight things to keep in mind on your way to wellville:


psim said...

Hee! A welcome antidote to the pressure to always be chipper and cheery (cause of course if I have a bad attitude the I'm causing my illness). Thanks!


Zephyr said...

I love it!

Donimo said...

I shall take it as an omen of very good fortune that you left my very first comment, Psim! I am such a HUGE fan of your work.

I love your bad attitude!!

And Zephyr, I really dig your blog and your bad attitude as well!

Never That Easy said...

What fun - or at least it would be if I hadn't heard so many of these myself. To go along with that last one there, one of my favorites, uttered by doctors and friends & family alike is "You should try to avoid stress." Um... yeah. I agree: any idea how I could do that???

Great idea for a blog!

Sherril said...

Have you seen this doctor's blog about FM? http://www.revolutionhealth.com//blogs/drscherger/be-well-not-medicali-6867
Bet you could get a few "tips" out of that! I'm working on a blog post about his "theory", and I've done me best to put some accurate info in his comments area.

Love your site!!!

The Invisible Chronic Illness Experience

Sherril said...

Oops--link got cut off. I'll put it on two lines:



Donimo said...

HOLY! How can I even get past the first freakin' paragraph of this article? He is wrong at every turn. They have found muscle pathologies in FM, they have porven that no "type" of person gets it and it is not a lifestyle condition.

This doctor is seriously out of the loop on the FM research. I look forward to reading your post.

GRRRRR!! Okay, gotta laugh. Gotta laugh.

Shelley said...

How do I subscribe... It confused my FMS mind! I love this! May I share with my FMS Group?

Donimo said...

Thanks for dropping by, Shelley.I don't know anything about RSS feeds or subscriptions... so I can't help you there. I've been trying to post once a week, if that helps. I've missed the last couple of weeks because my house is in a great deal of disarray right now. I hope to get back on track soon. Please do share my site with your FMS group!