July 27, 2009

no laugh track on this one

again, a quick fly-by here as i update the situation on the home and blog front: my house is now uninsurable because of the three sewage floods that have happened here in the past 4 years. three floods that have been cause by the guy who lives above me. the guy who still gets to live in my housing co-op, for some reason. the board here is slow to act and rather inept. what this boils down to is that i don't know if i will have a home here as of September 3rd and i might possible have to give notice on august 1st. i've lived in this co-op for almost 17 years and i have a less stable home than the jerk that has repeatedly flooded my home with shit. not logical? not fair? just? nope. and not very workable.

so yeah, i'm not going to be blogging for awhile. wish me luck...

June 22, 2009

chronic disarray

if there is anyone left out there who has kept my blog on their feeder or who happens to drop by now and then, i'd like to report that i have not dropped off the face of the earth; rather, i have been unable to organize my thoughts whilst waiting for the flooring in my house to be replaced and my office to be returned to something resembling an open, workable space. i don't know about you, but clutter in the room clutters my mind. also, my pain has been really bad these past two months and i haven't been able to push past the crash and clutter of pain on the brain in order to blog.

i do plan to return to active blogging at least by september. until then, do have a lovely summer, and don't forget to slather on the sunscreen. or not. gawd, who am i to give unsolicited advice?

March 19, 2009


so, we pulled out the toxic carpet only to have the toxic underlay (which we didn't pull out because it was stapled in a million places) take its place as far as making my office unbearable and the air in the house sharp and unhealthy. i'm rather sick and tired of feeling extra sick and tired from chemicals and from the stress of dealing with absentee contractors.

with the weight of extra fatigue on my shoulders, i've been dragging myself through my days/daze here. hold on! i have the chronic holiday spirit; i can boost my energy easily. what was i thinking? all i need to kick my ass out of tiredsville and into action city is a little green bottle:

it's so simple! why do i forget that? i'm sorry i hadn't shared this one with you earlier. in 2 to 6 minutes, you, too, can be up at at 'em. forget red bull or expensive supplements! and thank gawd 7-up works "even when you're doing nothing." fantastic!

with or without the extra boost of 7-up, i just wanted to let you know that chronic holiday will be back in the swing of things soon, i hope. until then, i'll keep you busy with this feast for the eyes and the stomach! try another dandy spam recipe from the 40's.

and may i suggest for dessert:

whether you're chronically inclined or fit as a fiddle, keep on keeping on and getting by in whatever way you do! and let me know how those recipes turn out...

March 4, 2009

OMG, it's march

hey folks. this is just a short post to let you know that i still have no office and am not able to post yet. my toxic carpet problems continue because of the age-old tradition of passing the buck. the insurer, the supplier, the sub-contractor and the project supervisor are all doing their best to pass the buck verrrrry slowly. it took over a month for the insurer to decide that she couldn't do anything. it's been almost three months now since i complained about this.

i'm going to get this f'd up flooring fiasco fixed, and when i do, i'm going to get chronic holiday up and at 'em again!

please stand by...

February 1, 2009

monday quiz: back away slowly edition

i'm very pleased to once again present a guest post by the one and only seahorse. if you have a chronic condition, you've probably seen that glazed look you get from a health professional who just doesn't want to deal with anything complex. who's afraid of the big bad chronic patient? take seahorse's quiz and find out!

take it away, seahorse:

We all know that the medical profession can be somewhat hands-off where long-term chronic health conditions are concerned. So what's going on? Are they too scared to treat us? Lazy? Do they think it's someone else's responsibility? Or are they too ignorant to realise that sometimes a little intervention goes a long way...

Which of the following scenarios resulted in a "Sorry, we can't treat you... like noooo way, now get out of my clinic!" type response:
On presenting at hospital with severe jaundice and malnutrition
On presenting at the dentist's for a filling
On presenting at the gynae clinic with ongoing menstrual problems
On presenting at the dentist's for an Xray
On presenting at physio, for (erm) physio
On presenting at the doctor's for nutrition shakes
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please vote! and then add your comments-- have you scared the crap out of a health professional lately? are you too complicated to touch with a ten-foot pole?

seahorse has given us the answer in the comments section. you can still make your guess above before reading about seahorse's experience. many thanks to seahorse for giving us another thought-provoking quiz!

January 20, 2009

post-flood blues

i haven't abandoned my post here at chronic holiday, i just don't have an office i can breath in. we had a flood in our house and most of it was gutted. i chose wool carpets instead of reinstalling new nylon carpets in an attempt to make this renovation as non-toxic as possible. as it turns out, the carpet has been treated with moth repellent and is very strong smelling. not all 100% wool carpet is non-toxic. who knew! anyway, i get sick feeling, headachey and foggy headed when i am in the office and this is why i haven't been online posting. i'm trying to remedy the situation but it is taking time. i'll be back as soon as possible! and if anyone wants to do a guest post, that would rock.

keep the chronic flame burning while i'm gone!